About Cyber Future Foundation

Cyber Future Foundation was established to create a brighter and trusted future for cyberspace where digital commerce and innovation can thrive based on trust and respect to individual privacy.

The impetus for the creation of CFF was born from the flurry of cyber incidents that has left a trail of compromised public, private, and corporate security parameters across the globe. With a majority of organizations and individuals accepting the fact that they have had a data breach, global leaders from different spheres of society, such as those of us associated with CFF, saw an urgent need to provide a collective action focused on addressing the challenges of cyberspace in the form of a leadership platform.

The urgency is now, the need is now, and the global requirement for privacy, respect, and trust in cyberspace has never been greater. CFF is a movement toward a brighter future for cyberspace, and all we do in it!

Our Vision

To be the preeminent leadership organization for international collaboration on trusted cyber, through fostering international cooperation towards digital enablement and connectedness beyond boundaries, while preserving the distinct regional and societal norms, ethos and identities, with respect to human liberty, equality and justice.

Our Mission

To provide a collaborative platform for industry, public agencies, academia and civil society towards building a more trusted and secure cyber space at a global level. CFF provides a leadership forum for sharing ideas at the highest level and a platform for converting them to action.

CFF strives to tap into the collective innovation of the commercial domain, motivation and passion to serve respective communities from the public service agencies, quest for knowledge and research in the academic space, and unwavering human spirit of civil societies to engage in a multi stakeholder collaborative process to address the challenges and hone the potential of cyber space.

CFF executes its mission through the CFF Executive Council, Board of Directors, Advisory Council, various constituent and member organizations.

  • Cyber Future Council

Cyber Future Council (the Council) is the apex representative body of Cyber Future Foundation, including the Founding Principals, the CFF Board of Directors and the CFF Executive Council. The Council is Chaired by Founder & Chairman Valmiki Mukherjee and representatives from the leadership at the constituent bodies within CFF. The Council members are nominated, recommended and inducted into the Council by the Founding Principals Committee. The members of The Council individually and collectively serve as the stewards of the vision and mission of the Foundation and promote global cyber trust and leadership.

  • Cyber Future Institute
  • Cyber Future Institute (the Institute) has the mission to spearhead research and development in terms of both academic/scientific research as well as industrial application at a commercial scale in cyber innovation. The Institute aims to serve as the connecting body of knowledge for the fragmented security world. The Institute engages with various faculties and institutions across the world in building a collective body of research and knowledge for cyber. Over a period of time the Institute aims to build frameworks of curriculums for Cyber Education at every level, and support the adoption and rollout of these through the global educational network with the assistance of academic partners at a regional, national and international levels. The Institute's goal is to serve as an enabling body for the educational institutions at all levels and add to the collective growth of cyber knowledge from entry level cyber workforce to the executive leadership.

  • Cyber Future Consortium

Cyber Future Consortium (the Consortium) performs as an international, independent not-for-profit consortium of those engaged in the professional and practice of commercial cybersecurity. The consortium's mission is to build and promote a global cybersecurity commercial ecosystem, which will be able to establish cyber security guidance and best practices as the cyberspace gets equipped to provide a safe and secure space for cyber commerce in an increasingly digital world.
The consortium also analyses the economics of cyber ecosystem in terms of investment in cyber startups, the success of the cyber startups, the effectiveness of their technologies in meeting the needs of the cyber security industry, their business success and tracks the overall success of the investments in cybersecurity technology.

  • Cyber Future Society
  • The Cyber Future Society (The Society) is the grassroots organization of Cyber Future Foundation and aims at engaging the cyber consumer, citizen and corporate person in every individual towards safe cyber practices. The Society has multiple initiatives as it shapes up the cyber engagement of general population and civil society. This include the Cyber Peace Initiative, the CFF Youth Programs and Cyber Hygiene Program, across a number of local and regional partnership through involvement with communities and engaging them in a broader cyber discussion.

    Cyber Peace Initiative (CPI) serves as a counterpoint to the negative connotations of cyber space, and work towards building a positive and peaceful environment where people of the world can collaborate and thrive. Cyber Peace Initiative also entrusts itself the responsibility of corralling support for a trusted and safe cyberspace which could be fruitfully used for dissemination of knowledge, participation for global commerce, integration of cyber infrastructure to the physical infrastructure. CPI in partnership with various international agencies seeks to develop and promote frameworks for maintainig law and order in a borderless cyberworld.

Our Goals

CFF established its first Five Year Plan outlining the high level goals for the organization in the period 2016-2020 with annual milestones defined for each year. This culminates in developing a 'Global Trusted Cyber Future Platform' by year 2020.

Our Organizational Model

CFF operates through a collaborative organizational model where the various organizational entities and constituents operate collectively under the overall operating responsibility of the CFF Founding Principals.

Talent Ecosystem

Our People

CFF is supported by some of the most prominent leaders in cybersecurity industry who actively participate across various CFF initiatives in various capacities. The Principal Committee and the Board works with a number of leaders across the advisory council, various committees to carry out the CFF programs.

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