Cyber Future Foundation

Cyber Future Foundation was established to create a brighter and trusted future for the cyberspace where digital commerce and innovation can thrive based on trust and respect for individual privacy.

Our Vision

To become the preeminent organization for international collaboration on trusted cyber, through fostering international cooperation towards digital enablement and connectedness beyond boundaries, while preserving the distinct regional and societal norms, ethos and boundaries, with respect to human liberty, equality and justice.

Our Mission

To provide a collaborative platform for industry, public agencies and academia towards building a more trusted and secure cyber space at a global level. CFF provides a forum for sharing ideas at the highest level and a platform for converting them to action.

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Tuesday January 21, 2020
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Checkin starts at 10:00 AM Program starts at 11:00 AM


Berghotel Schatzalp
Promenade 65, 7270
Davos, Switzerland

Membership Overview

The new 2020 CFF Membership Program offers membership into the Cyber Future Foundation through various corporate, community, academic and individual memberships.

The Cyber Future Foundation engages its members through its constituent organizations:
  • Cyber Future Institute (The Institute, CFI)
  • Cyber Future Consortium (The Consortium, CFC)
  • Cyber Future Society (The Society, CFS)
  • Global Commission on Cybersecurity Education (The Commission, GCCE)
The membership into the constituent programs is by invitation into the committees, councils and action groups through nomination by board members or CFF Advisors.
Individual Membership is through request for invitation on Join IT. In order to preserve the level of leadership and focus on our mission of global leadership development, CFF follows a process of nomination and sponsorship for the main constituencies. Interested individuals can request a nomination from an existing Board Member and three nominating sponsors for acceptance as Full Members.

CFF General Membership Program is available from October 2020. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

If you require support in finding an existing CFF Full Member as sponsor for your application, please do not hesitate to contact the CFF Administrative Office and our Memebership Directorate will work with you to onboard you based on qualifying criteria.

For Corporate and Institutional Membership, please contact us directly or join with appropriate fees on our site.

For more detailed information on Membership and Future Programs, please reach out to