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As we work through the global Covid-19 pandemic, we have a historic opportunity to work together as a society. We are in it together and we will ‘Respond, Recover and Revive’ from this crisis, and emerge ever-stronger.

With this mission, Cyber Future Foundation is launching the SocietyofMentors to give an opportunity for us to work with and 'Learn with the Leaders' directly through various engaging and interactive sessions and mediums.

Joint Task Force for initial coordination of response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis
Expert network to enable and engage in economic and cyber recovery
Regional hubs of cyber and industry experts to support cyber capability and capacity building

Our Effort

Cyber Enablers

Info Kit

Information kit to protect the businesses as they emerge out of the pandemic

Tech Kit

Technology toolkit to ensure the businesses have a secure foundation

Support Kit

Cyber tech support kit with dedicated providers

Business Kit

Plugging the kits into a business essentials care package

More information coming soon...

Talent Enablers

Society of Mentors

Mentoring and training network supporting cyber enablement

Talent Network Support

Engage students and entry level workers to provide scale of economy support

Business Network Support

Reach directly to business networks and chambers of commerce

Learning Network Support

Support SMBs with interactively with people and automated technology

More information coming soon...

lend your Support...

Join the Society of Mentors and make and impact in someone's life and career directly in your region or across the country.

Join as an cyber business Enabler to be included in our Cyber Enabler Kits for businesses. This includes Info, Tech, Support and Business Kits in the Cyber Enabler Care Package. For a limited time this is applicable for all General Members.
Join as an individual or corporate sponsor of specific initiatives, such as projects and scholarships.
Get involved in CFF's mission as a corporate or individual memberto make the most impact.
Sponsor a CFF Program and get an exposure to some the greatest thought leaders and contribute to the hardest problems they are engaged in solving.