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Cyber Board Book joins hands with various members of the CFF ecosystem in order to support the executive education and enablement of the cyber leaders towards effective board representation and impact. The Chapters here outline different real life scenarios for cyber board engagement and provides practical guidance from seasoned cybersecurity experts as well as board members on effective ways for handling them.

The first phase of the program consists of six essential considerations broken down into each chapter outlined below. Subsequent phases of the Cyber Board Book continue to iterate and build on the practices and guidance outlined in these initial chapters. In keeping with the dynamic and ever evolving cyber threat landscape and aligned with the rapid progress desired in management of cyber risk at the highest level of organizations, the CFF Cyber Board Book is meant to be an ongoing initiative with live updates to these guidances on a regular basis.

Welcome To CFF CBB
by Valmiki Mukherjee
Foreword by
Dave DeWalt
Introduction by
Joe Sullivan
Chapter 1

Building Cyber Expertise within the Boardroom

Chapter 2

Communicating Cybersecurity Effectively to the Board

Chapter 3

Charting the Board’s Course of Action in a Cyber Crisis

Chapter 4

Navigating Cybersecurity During Transition

Chapter 5

Strengthening the CISO-Board Partnership for Cybersecurity

Chapter 6

Nurturing Board Engagement in Cybersecurity Governance

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