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What is Project Gateway?

A cyber capacity building service with broad socioeconomic impact supported by Cybrize and Cyber Future Group Efforts with Cyber Future Foundation as the non-profit coordinator.

Refugee Resettlement with Domestic Socio-Economic Impact

The fall of Afghanistan in August 2021 has resulted in nearly 100,000 Afghans arriving in need of assistance to rebuild their lives. Ukraine-Russia war has brought another 100,000 new guests into our community. Critical to that rebuild is securing stable careers to support their families. We created a Service to support them, but it needs to reach them where they are.
Use CFF/CFG worldwide network to establish a pool of resources towards identifying training and employment opportunities for returning veterans, and qualified displaced Afghan/Ukrainian nationals, and support the global humanitarian effort with private sector engagement.
Expand on the CFF’s objectives of building robust cyber capacity and talent pipeline by providing opportunities and durable career pathways for the underrepresented, underprivileged and underserved communities towards the IDEAS goals embodied in its mission.

Introducing IDEAS

DEI with Access and Scale in mind:

Refugee Resettlement Process

Project Gateway Services

Range of Services for Career Growth:

For more details and schedule about the Project Gateway:

Details will come soon for Sacramento Workshop:

Details will come soon for Washington DC Workshop:


With EY’s support CFF Project Gateway will use small mobile teams to visit 4-6 cities with high concentrations of Afghans and Ukrainian refugees to screen new arrivals for potential careers in IT and Cyber.

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