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CFF Programs are driven by Key Issues and an Ecosystem Approach

Key Issues 2023

While the industry and the global economic ecosystem are seeking to thrive in an era of innovation led by digital, it is facing an increasing challenge in one of its most inherent aspect – which is cyber. Digital without connectivity of cyberspace is inconsequential and cyberspace without consideration to the cyber risk and security is not impactful.
The key issues identified for the current program year include a breadth of challenges and topics facing the CFF community globally. These were discussed and identified for deliberation and solutioning through the CFF platform.
The Cybersecurity Ecosystem
CFF programs consider the end to end cybersecurity ecosystem and a regional development model. CFF considers supplying cybersecurity demands from the industry through a lense of building cyber capability and cyber capacity across the ecosystem.
CFF is driven by the fundamental principle of building security from the get go into every aspect of the digital production lifecycle. This directly follows the cyber capacity from the workforce be it cybersecurity talent or otherwise considering the approach of:
  • Learn to Build
  • Build to Use
  • Use to Secure

Leverage Public Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnership for cyber is the top priority for national security and digital economy of the future – CFF is fully committed to act on this
At CFF we have aligned the Public-Private Partnership to the Cyber Future Institute research goals. As a change agent for Positive Peace – law and order in cyberspace, we will work to bring together multiple agencies, private sector and academia together to develop the model to serve the community.
CFF 3P Program supported by the Inter Agency Advisory Forum and the CFF Cyber Future Institute Research
CFF through the Cyber Future Consortium aims to build a regional and global hub and spoke cyber ecosystem through which it aims to generate signficant impact and a ‘Cyber Surplus’ state. This includes, targeted number of startups, jobs, venture fund, cyber centers and cyber labs

Global Commission on Cybersecurity Education

CFF announced the formation of the Global Commission on Cyber Education (GCCE, The Commission) in Geneva at the ITU-T World Forum of Information Societies on the 4th of April 2019 with a mission of developing a global foundation for trusted educational framework for cybersecurity.
The objective of the CFF Commission is to:  
  • Serve as a global body of expert stakeholders for cybersecurity education at all levels
  • Develop a framework for cybersecurity institutional qualification from surveying cybersecurity professionals and Cyber Future Council Members
  • Develop a recommendation for cybersecurity education considering the need for sector, region and national requirements
  • Develop an ongoing accreditation and monitoring mechanism for affiliated organizations to maintain themselves as centers of excellence for cybersecurity education
  • Develop a vertically integrated program framework for academic readiness of the workforce, professional continuing education and leadership advancement
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